Deploying .NET 5 Azure functions with Pulumi and GitHub Actions

In this post I'll show you how to deploy the .NET 5 "Out of process" azure functions using Pulumi. We'll be using a GitHub action to build the code, which will also create the infrastructure too, then deploy the function to that infrastructure. In this example, we'll be using a Azure Blob Storage to store the state of our Pulumi stack.

Grafana On Azure – AzureAD Authentication

In this post, we'll be looking at adding Azure Active Directory (AzureAD) support to a Grafana instance. This is what I would advise if you're hosting on Azure as you're already likely to have all of your potential Grafana users setup in Active Directory, and either this is AzureAD native, or you have passwords sync'd with a standard Active Directory instance.

Grafana on Azure – Hosting/Configuration

There as a balancing act to be done here. Speed and simplicity could be achieved using a database on the machine, that's then backed up, at the expense of management overhead. Reduced Management could be achieved using ACI or App Service, at the expense of cost (unless you already have a container infrastructure). The solution here, I believe, gives a fair balance

Pulumi Multiple projects with Custom Backends

I've been working with Pulumi to create a reference architecture for a client that provides individual team autonomy while providing some shared resources. In addition, the client is also wanting to utilise a custom backend in Azure Blob storage. This presented some issues as the documentation around projects, stacks and stack references for custom backends.... Continue Reading →

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