Make it easy to accept your talk!

Curating an agenda for a conference is a hard thing to do.  I highly doubt that you thought otherwise, but I also doubt you understand exactly HOW hard it is (I certainly didn't). For the last 2 years, I've been involved in curating the agenda for the best developer conference in the UK (and probably... Continue Reading →

Opinionated Approach to AWS Account Separation

Maintaining multiple accounts in AWS is an utter pain.  If you have effectively separated your accounts for things like Dev/Test, Production that's not too bad, 2 IAM users, with 2FA shouldn't be too difficult.  However, if you throw into that, separating operations infrastructure (build and deployment services, Monitoring, alerting, etc), then think about customer separation,... Continue Reading →

The Lost Art of Corporate Inductions

Once again, I find myself at new employer, this has happened fairly consistently every 2 years for around 6 years.  So I found myself sitting through yet another company "induction" and found myself thinking "they never used to be this boring". A bit of history, I got working in the IT industry around 6 years... Continue Reading →

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