FaaS are NOT cheaper

This is a little bit of a frustration of mine.  I'm hearing this more and more often, as an argument to rewrite into one of those platforms.  However, it's simply not true.  It's a different pricing model, that has definite benefits in a lot of usecases, but NOT all. To be clear, with the right... Continue Reading →

Introducing Grok.NET

What is grok? it's a well established way of parsing, using Regular Expressions, files with single lines (e.g. Log files). Why Create a .NET version? Speed, the ability to use it in AWS Lambda, and because dotnetcore is my preferred language. Syntax Performance? So far, I'm seeing ~0.0002ms for complex patterns sure AWS ELB logs.... Continue Reading →

EntityFramework and Postgres (.NET 4.0)

So I've been attempted to get EntityFramework to play nice with Postgres for a site I'm creating. A little history, I created the site initially for myself and a small group to use so I used MVC3, postgres, Mono and other tools that were... "funky".  As there was no real deadline, uptime SLAs etc. it... Continue Reading →

Inline Functions are Great

So, I've been getting to grips with using Lamda functions instead of creating simple methods that only include one line. The main driver behind this is the fact that I'm trying to make my code readable (using StyleCop has helped with this, and I'm sure I'll blog about that too) so I can tell others... Continue Reading →

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