Make it easy to accept your talk!

Curating an agenda for a conference is a hard thing to do.  I highly doubt that you thought otherwise, but I also doubt you understand exactly HOW hard it is (I certainly didn't). For the last 2 years, I've been involved in curating the agenda for the best developer conference in the UK (and probably... Continue Reading →

Opinionated Approach to AWS Account Separation

Maintaining multiple accounts in AWS is an utter pain.  If you have effectively separated your accounts for things like Dev/Test, Production that's not too bad, 2 IAM users, with 2FA shouldn't be too difficult.  However, if you throw into that, separating operations infrastructure (build and deployment services, Monitoring, alerting, etc), then think about customer separation,... Continue Reading →

Delegating Subdomain management in Route53

One of the common patterns in AWS setup is to use different "accounts" for different functions in the business.  These account then get "consolidated" when you're charged (the exorbitant) the fees for your services. This presents a problem when you need to have externally accessible services, that live under a single domain. One way around... Continue Reading →

FaaS are NOT cheaper

This is a little bit of a frustration of mine.  I'm hearing this more and more often, as an argument to rewrite into one of those platforms.  However, it's simply not true.  It's a different pricing model, that has definite benefits in a lot of usecases, but NOT all. To be clear, with the right... Continue Reading →

Introducing Grok.NET

What is grok? it's a well established way of parsing, using Regular Expressions, files with single lines (e.g. Log files). Why Create a .NET version? Speed, the ability to use it in AWS Lambda, and because dotnetcore is my preferred language. Syntax Performance? So far, I'm seeing ~0.0002ms for complex patterns sure AWS ELB logs.... Continue Reading →

Click Once is not just for IIS

A while back I developed an application that has started to be used by my current company (it's called the "Network Beverage Selector", but I'm sure I'll blog about that at some point).  So they came up with some suggestions on enhancements, being the kind, generous guy I am, I did them. I thought about... Continue Reading →

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