Inline Functions are Great

So, I've been getting to grips with using Lamda functions instead of creating simple methods that only include one line. The main driver behind this is the fact that I'm trying to make my code readable (using StyleCop has helped with this, and I'm sure I'll blog about that too) so I can tell others... Continue Reading →

The Lost Art of Corporate Inductions

Once again, I find myself at new employer, this has happened fairly consistently every 2 years for around 6 years.  So I found myself sitting through yet another company "induction" and found myself thinking "they never used to be this boring". A bit of history, I got working in the IT industry around 6 years... Continue Reading →

BlogEngine on Mono

So I thought my first post would be about setting up this blog using Mono. Those who know me will tell you that I'm a massive open source "fan boy" (to use an anti-apple peopleism).  I've used mono for a fair few years, and .NET for a lot longer (the days of 1.1 haunt me... Continue Reading →

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